Make your crypto-curerncy
bank works easy way!

Easily purchase and transfer difficult-to-use crypto-currency!

Anonymous for Everyone

We have a duty to protect your activity from being known to others. We respect anonymity.

No User Data Required

No membership required. We do not matter who you are.

Destroy Transfer Data

We destroy your transfer data completely whenever you want. Data is distributed and managed across multiple countries and cannot be tracked upon destruction.

How to receive money easily?

Do you want to receive money easily through CapsuleBankĀ®?

Step 1. Enter your wallet address.

Step 2. Enter your identifier name.(helps senders identify you. Not required.)

Step 3. Click the QR code generation button to download image, post it on the homepage, blog or social network service.

Step 4. Click on the Generate URL button to generate your own URL and post it on your messenger or homepage.

Step 5. Let's make money! :))

Generate QR-code Generate URL

Where and how is my data store and manage?

Unfortunately, We cannot disclose in which countries the data is managed. However, data is managed in six countries and backed up and authenticated using the blockchain method.